Q: Why are the sizes bigger than for a newborn baby?

We consciously chose to make the clothes bigger than a regular newborn-size, to ensure that your baby will enjoy the items longer (newborns generally outgrow their clothes within 2 weeks). Size approx fits a 5 to 9-month old (a 5-month old Dutch baby generally is the same size as a 9-month old Chinese baby).

bodysuit length 41 cm | chest 26 cm | hip width 28 cm | sleeve length 8 cm

bib l 36 cm | w 22 cm | hat l 12 cm | w 22 cm | mittens l 10 cm | w 7 cm


Q: What is your foundation model?

We strive to end the inequities and to give more children a fair shot at a bright and happy future. We partner with an orphanage in Nepal because every child deserves to be safe, protected, fed and loved. By purchasing a BOXY, you support our cause too: each BOXY feeds a nutritious meal to four children at the Bal Mandir orphanage. We don't give money directly to any orphanage.


We're 100% committed to ensuring the kids receive what they need and therefore adopt a hands-on approach by sourcing and distributing food and supplies ourselves: the only way we can ensure the right resources reach the right people. As we grow as a company, our foundation grows with us. The next phases are even more exciting as we plan to create a virtuous circle based on the belief of "give a woman a fish and she'll eat for a day. Teach a woman how to fish and she'll eat for the rest of her life."


Q: Why do you not use bold colors?

We consciously chose to incorporate only neutral colours into our designs to refrain from any colour fitting within a typical gender stereotype. Gendered expectations are still very much ingrained into our culture and most of the times it is so subtle we barely even notice.


It starts from the moment a child is born and continues all the way through adulthood and leads to the well-known glass ceiling that get in the way of women and C-level jobs, to name an example.

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