Giving back


25% of Nepal's population lives on 0.50 USD a day, making Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty contributes to the country's high rates of disease, malnutrition and child mortality.

BOXY was created to not only design great products but also to deeply impact the other side of the world. We strive to end the inequities and to give more children a fair shot at a bright and happy future. Every child deserves to be safe, protected, fed and loved.

By purchasing a BOXY, you support our cause too: each BOXY feeds a nutritious meal to four Nepalese orphans. 

Our team grew up in the West with access to quality education and therefore access to a better life. Wanting to provide that same opportunity to the millions of Nepalese living in poverty, giving back is part of our DNA as we pledge to better the lives of women and children.

We reinvest part of the revenue of BOXY into their personal and professional development, and provide them with the resources that will allow them to break through the poverty pattern. Every child deserve a childhood, and to dream big.