Hi, we're BOXY!

We're on a mission to close the gender gap. Do we really still believe in pink for girls and blue for boys? Why are Barbies widely considered a "girl toy", and cars a "boy toy"? We have evolved so much over the past decades: why haven't our baby gifts evolved with us?

Meet BOXY, a refreshing change to a traditional industry. Designed for the modern-day parent, each BOXY centers around a popular theme such as food or travel. We categorize our boxes by theme not gender, to prevent clothes and toys from forcing gender-specific roles and stereotypes onto young children.

BOXY integrates gender neutral ideas into a child's play space and therefore, educational space. Stereotypes may exist for a reason, but they should not be rules to follow.

A child's imagination is a precious thing. Limiting clothes and toys they can play with also limits their imagination. It's keeping a little girl from pretending she's a superhero or an astronaut, or a little boy from imagining he's a nurse.

Our children are encouraged to shoot for the stars, but our traditional thoughts and beliefs glue their feet firmly to the ground. Let’s help them reach for the moon.

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Our inclusive collections are
all designed inhouse with love

Changing the way we think about the styles and designs of baby clothing is our way of closing the gender gap, and we're thrilled to have people all over the world join us on this mission. Come be part of the movement too! Love, BOXY